Is the Talent chasm that wide?

Updated: Jan 9

All over Sooner twitter, national critics and a bunch of Sooner sites everyone is talking about how LSU overwhelmed the Sooners with talent. Their talent is so good apparently that Oklahoma never had a chance etc. Well...

I can say they’re correct at a few positions, and at others they’re pretty even. Before we go into that, let’s talk about who missed this game.

Trey Sermon, Rhamondre Stevenson, Ronnie Perkins, Grant Calcaterra, Delarrin Turner-Yell, Erik Swenson, Trejan Bridges and others. Thats a lot of talent, and two of your top 5 defenders. While I don’t think of these guys all played Saturday, that the Sooners win, but I do think that it’s a heck of a lot closer.

Its a quarterback driven league. You hear this a lot on NFL shows, and up until now, College Football could be dominated by a team that didn’t have a marquee quarterback. The last decade or so has seen Alabama win several championships with guys who were just guys. Now you see guys like Baker, Kyler, Tua and Joe Burrow.

While I love Jalen as a person and a leader, he is not on the level of those guys. I touched on it in the videos today, but he just doesn’t see the entire field. There were several plays I have seen so far, and I’m still early in the first quarter mind you, that CeeDee is running wide open, and Jalen just doesn’t see him or doesn’t look his way.

CeeDee finished with four catches. The best player on your team touched the ball four times. That’s an issue. How much of that is game plan and how much of that is execution we may never know. Still I think we all can agree that Riley had to modify his offense to play to Jalen’s abilities.

What you have to understand about football is that it is an emotional game. If guys aren’t engaged and breathing fire they aren’t at their best. If you have a Baker, Kyler or dare I say Rattler in there hitting some of these throws, the offense stays on the field, you get points and the defense‘s mind stays in it.

Is the outcome of the game different? I still think the Sooners struggle to win with Perkins, Yell, Norwood and Bookie, but I think that Perkins is disruptive enough to stop a couple of drives, and if Yell is in there he may break up a couple as well as Norwood.

What I’m saying Is that you can’t have a third of your defensive starters out, key offensive players out and your team is a shell of what it was to begin the year and expect to win. It’s just too much to overcome

If all of those guys are not suspended and healthy I think the gap in talent isnt as exaggerated as it appears to be. I really think that the dbs who are coming in will make a huge difference, and the Sooners are LOADED at receiver. Gary Bryant is looking hard at the Sooners again and you may end up getting a grad transfer speedster from UCLA as well.

Keep in in mind that four out of five offensive linemen are Sophomores. In year two they’ll get a ton better. Just based on past history we know how Bnb develops guys.

Now the Sooners have to get better no doubt about it, but they also have to get healthy, and off suspension. By midseason with a full roster, this team could be rolling. As Rattler settles in behind that o line, the play action will open back up and it’s gonna be like a video game.

Hang in there guys. Don’t walk the plank just yet.


Jason Young,


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